Why Go On A Pilgrimage

Why go on a pilgrimage?

For meaningful spiritual insight; to get closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ; in gratitude and thanksgiving; to seek physical or spiritual healing; to forgive; for inner peace; to sing and give praise, to laugh; to discover; to pray for kids, family or marriage. Regardless if you are in need of miraculous healing, if you want to offer penance while venerating before the saints incorrupt body, the pilgrimage will bring a transformation and an awe inspiring reflection.

Some pilgrims never know what to expect, they just have a calling to go. Our regularly scheduled departures are comprised of individuals who may or may not know one another. In the beginning the unknown might be scary, similar to a child on the first day of school, yet by the time pilgrimage is over you will gain faith, courage and new friends that will last you a lifetime.

Do you need spiritual renewal? Is it your time to delve deeper into the spiritual matters of your soul?

When overwhelmed or facing difficult circumstances, immersing yourself in a pilgrimage while embracing the cross could be your answer.
Ever wonder what it would be like to submerge yourself in the waters of Lourdes or if you are up to walking for 10 days on El Camino route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain? Did you ever wish you could go to the Holy Land to pray in the Upper Room? Or do the Stations of the Cross while walking on Via Dolorosa?

Holy Site Tours offers departures such as these year round. Simply choose an awe-inspiring Holy Place that is calling your name.
Each pilgrimage honors the divine sacred site where the physical world meets the spiritual world.
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